The Italian Star Make-up Artist, and Image Designer Marco Mannozzi, brings his professional artistic work, from the Milano Fashion to Berlin, and all over the world working and advising International celebrities…….
presenting his exclusive professional Make-up Brand that he created for the needs and wishes of his many clients. His Make-up and anti aging products are made of natural extract and vitamins like, Panthenol, Equisetum, Camomile, Collagen, Mallow and others , preventing dehydration and offering an anti aging system to achieve every day a hydrated, bright, young and Natural skin: Lifting Fluid and the Moisturizing creme Marco Mannozzi. as a perfect base for the creme Make-up.
In his many years of professional work, Marco Mannozzi begun with 15 working with fashion fotographers, and became the youngest Make-up Artist in Italy, getting a contract with Estèe Lauder at only 17 years; he travelled with models and actors in many countries.

“ I like to work with people!” in over 30 years I had the opportunity to work with women, man ,children in the whole world and I learned so much from them, everybody had a different purpose to achieve, and I helped them with the appropriate Make-up, colors, hair design and outfits, without changing their personality, unless it was required for a movie. so “ I like to work with people and not on people.” I have been always fascinated from the great Masters of Renaissance, like Leonardo Da Vinci , Michelangelo Merisi known as “ Il Caravaggio”, that gave a deep look, and a magical light to faces on canvas.
With my cosmetic, everybody should be able to achieve this Renaissance effect, using of course the right colors and using my special white concealer crème Nr. 4”.
My special attention goes to the woman of the new millennium, a woman that wants to feel on the right place, in a society that expect efficiency and perfection.
Marco Mannozzi is there for her Beauty.

What Author Isabella Piaceri wrote about Marco Mannozzi:

I don’t know if Marco is a makeup artist in the current sense of the word. I know that when he looks at you and you look at him, a fluid is born that touches your face and goes straight into your heart. And maybe in the bowels. A demiurge of the third millennium: that’s a noble definition, but it fits. Because it includes psyche and body, that humus of terrestrial and ethereal that is in every woman even if she is not yet female. But it will become so only for her eyes and then for ours. Like Michelangelo from the block of marble, already warm after the Apuan Alps, extracted with his mind before the instruments and already imagined the Pieta under the cold stones, Marco extracts the beauty that is not there or that is, striking and real, imagined and dreamed, strong in this world full of deceptions. So the ‘painted’ woman, new virgin and Amazon, goes to war, like an Indian painted with greater vigour, the war that is life, motherhood, work and the brain. Eyes, lips and caresses are ready, sweet or aggressive, dark or cerulean, daughters of surreal colors and lipsticks that transform what is inside into external normality. Marco makes us normal because we are special and when we love defects are the most catalyzing enzymes. The defect that makes us unique, a divine Greek nose or a pesto-eyed Cleopatra, mother of all tricks, ancient magician of men and empires. Or of Nausicaa, who awaits her lover, diaphanous and light, blonde with moon skin that Marco illuminates. He hides, exalts or limits and travels creating a path of proselytes, a circle of modern and ancient dancers. He is an Ulysses, who gives wings to the mad flight.
Isabella Piaceri